Hearing Aids and Eyeglasses Are Similar, Right?

It’s probably inevitable that hearing aids get compared to eyeglasses. After all hearing and vision are both major senses and the most prominent ones at that. So it’s only natural that hearing aids and eyeglasses get thrown into the same boat too. Although they obviously are unique in their specific purpose, they both help us improve one of our five senses. But in reality comparing hearing aids to eyeglasses isn’t like comparing apples to oranges it’s more like comparing apples

Why Are Online Hearing Aids So Cheap?

With online shopping gaining popularity among seniors, it’s increasingly common for them to start researching a product on the Internet. A quick search for hearing aids reveals several products. Many of the products that show up cost a few hundred dollars or less. What is the difference between these and hearing aids at Sonus? Typically the first results of an Internet search will yield what are called personal sound amplifiers. These devices only make sound louder. Personal sound amplifiers are

10 Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a condition that can be caused by a number of factors. The majority of hearing loss cases occur over long periods of time. This can make it hard to recognize. Here are 10 questions you can ask yourself to see if you might have a hearing loss. Do you ask others to repeat themselves often? It’s perfectly normal to miss parts of conversation here and there. But when asking others to repeat becomes the norm, it is

Hearing Loss On The Rise

Modern life is experienced in a sea of noise. From automobile traffic to lawnmowers to vacuum cleaners, some sort of noise will always find you. What does all this mean? More hearing loss. Millennials’ affinity for earbuds is equivalent to their parent’s love of rock concerts. Loud music is an obvious contributor to hearing loss. Less obvious culprits are snow blowers, lawn mowers, fireworks, chainsaws, and motorcycles. Noise can be so prevalent sometimes that we may not even know we

Are Hearing Aids Becoming Cool?

Society has a long history of stigmatizing hearing aids. This may be coming to an end. A far cry from your grandfather’s hearing aids, modern hearing aids could be the next “it” product. If you’re a little skeptical right now it’s understandable. As we age we are constantly fighting the effects of getting older. Hearing aids have traditionally been associated with old age. One of the most undesirable aspects of getting older is coming across as being confused or senile.

Are Your Medications Contributing to Your Hearing Loss?

Many Americans take one or more medications on a daily basis. There are currently over 200 known medications (over the counter and prescription) that contribute to hearing loss. This list of medications includes but is not limited to: Aspirin, Quinine, Water Pills or Diuretics, some Antibiotics, and some Cancer Drugs. It is important that you continue your physician’s treatment plan involving these medications. It is equally important, however, that you give proper attention to your hearing health. Hearing loss has

Hear For The Holidays!

With the holiday season in full swing, we want to remember not everyone has the same experience. Those with hearing loss may meet the holiday season with mixed feelings. Complex environments are often the hardest to hear in. Throw in a bunch of extra people, music, babies, gifts, singing and things can get overwhelming in a hurry. It’s important to be considerate of those who may be suffering with a hearing loss. There are a few things that can be

How Diabetes Impacts Hearing Loss

The prevalence of diabetes in US seniors is staggering. Over 25% of the US population over the age of 65 has diabetes. The likelihood that you know someone affected by this disease is very high. Diabetes is the presence of too much glucose in the blood. For one reason or another a body is not able to produce any or enough insulin to metabolize the glucose. Diabetes destroys health in a number of ways. One characteristic of diabetes is poor

Why Hearing Aids Are Different Than Glasses

Oddly enough, hearing aids have a much different perception than a pair of eyeglasses. While they are both assistive technologies, only one has a stigma attached to it where the other is viewed almost as a fashion accessory. Why is this? Why does society look at one device that enhances one’s senses so much differently than another that does the same thing? Societal perceptions extend to other assistive devices as well. Prosthetics, wheelchairs, and dental braces all have different values

Win an iPad Mini!

Since May is Better Hearing Month we decided to give away an iPad Mini! The contest is being run through WZZM13 and you can sign up on their Facebook page. Please go to this link to sign up for your chance to win. Better Hearing Month is a great chance to remember just how important our hearing is for connecting us to other people. Not being able to conmmunicate properly can lead to several negative side effects like social withdrawal,