Untreated hearing loss can potentially have serious consequences. One of the major effects of untreated hearing loss is the tendency towards social isolation. Those who have difficulty hearing often withdraw from social environments because they are unable to follow conversations and fear they will respond improperly. One on one conversations are preferred because an individual can compensate for their hearing loss with techniques like reading lips.

Social isolation has a number of consequences. Socially isolated people tend to feel more anxious, depressed, and can even have a false sense that others are angry with them. Social isolation is also a proven risk factor for dementia. Being around other people is a vital component to quality of life. Hearing aids can help make social interactions much more enjoyable and welcoming for those with hearing loss.

Another consequence of untreated hearing loss is compromised safety. Humans rely heavily on their hearing to give them awareness of what’s going on in their environment. Sound helps people know if a car is coming down the road, whether a smoke alarm is going off, or if there is an unwanted intruder in their home.