Sonus Hearing Care ProfessionalsHearing is one of our five senses and an extremely important one at that. Many times those with hearing loss do not realize the severity of their loss due to the long gradual process of hearing degradation. Regular hearing tests help identify those who would benefit from hearing aids. It is highly recommended that anyone with sufficient hearing loss receive treatment.

Statistics tell us that 1 in 6 Americans have hearing loss. Surprisingly, 80% of those people do nothing about it. There are a few populations who are more likely to experience hearing loss and therefore are more likely to need hearing aids. For instance more men experience hearing loss than women. Hearing loss is twice as common in those with diabetes than those without it. In people 75 years of age and older hearing loss is the third most common age-related disability behind only hypertension and arthritis.

Hearing aids are a commonly used and effective tool to help deal with hearing loss. Depending on the kind of hearing loss an individual is experiencing, hearing aids could be a great solution. The only way to know for sure whether you need hearing aids is to have your hearing tested by an experienced hearing care professional.