When You Buy Hearing Aids, You Get Much More Than Hearing Aids

While you do in fact get hearing aids with a hearing aid purchase, what you get in addition might be even more valuable. Hearing aids are just one piece of the “better hearing” puzzle. So what other pieces are there? First and foremost hearing aids come with the expertise of a experienced and knowledgeable provider. Hearing care providers are experts in hearing. They can properly identify hearing loss, know what technology can be the most helpful, and successfully implement care.

Hearing Aids, Hearables, What’s the Difference?

You may come across a new term in 2018, if you haven’t heard it already. The term is “hearable”. A hearable is an in-ear device that can perform a range of tasks. Where traditional hearing aids mostly help you to hear better, hearables are currently being used to do other things. This can include streaming music, translating language, giving you directions, reading your emails, etc. Although they both belong in your ear, their utility is quite different at this point.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids!

One of the most significant recent advancements in hearing aids is the introduction of the lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are both energy dense and rechargeable. Hearing aids have traditionally been powered by zinc batteries. There are still many zinc powered hearing aids on the market. Some benefits of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are obvious while others are not. The clearest benefit to rechargeable hearing aids is not having to mess with the batteries. Rechargeable wearers don’t have to pick up or

Why Are There So Many Types of Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids come in all shapes and sizes. The vast array of choice may be confusing to the average person. Just why are there so many types? Some hearing aids are larger, others are smaller, some have tubes, others don’t. There has to be an explanation! The truth is there are several variables involved when choosing the right hearing aid. Of course most people prefer their hearing aids to be a small as possible. The smallest hearing aids go entirely

Hearing Aids and Eyeglasses Are Similar, Right?

It’s probably inevitable that hearing aids get compared to eyeglasses. After all hearing and vision are both major senses and the most prominent ones at that. So it’s only natural that hearing aids and eyeglasses get thrown into the same boat too. Although they obviously are unique in their specific purpose, they both help us improve one of our five senses. But in reality comparing hearing aids to eyeglasses isn’t like comparing apples to oranges it’s more like comparing apples

Why Are Online Hearing Aids So Cheap?

With online shopping gaining popularity among seniors, it’s increasingly common for them to start researching a product on the Internet. A quick search for hearing aids reveals several products. Many of the products that show up cost a few hundred dollars or less. What is the difference between these and hearing aids at Sonus? Typically the first results of an Internet search will yield what are called personal sound amplifiers. These devices only make sound louder. Personal sound amplifiers are

Are Hearing Aids Becoming Cool?

Society has a long history of stigmatizing hearing aids. This may be coming to an end. A far cry from your grandfather’s hearing aids, modern hearing aids could be the next “it” product. If you’re a little skeptical right now it’s understandable. As we age we are constantly fighting the effects of getting older. Hearing aids have traditionally been associated with old age. One of the most undesirable aspects of getting older is coming across as being confused or senile.

Why Hearing Aids Are Different Than Glasses

Oddly enough, hearing aids have a much different perception than a pair of eyeglasses. While they are both assistive technologies, only one has a stigma attached to it where the other is viewed almost as a fashion accessory. Why is this? Why does society look at one device that enhances one’s senses so much differently than another that does the same thing? Societal perceptions extend to other assistive devices as well. Prosthetics, wheelchairs, and dental braces all have different values

WZZM13 TV Segment

Check out Sonus co-owner Jean on WZZM13! Anyone who’s experienced hearing loss, no matter how slight or severe the loss may be, will tell you it impacts every facet of your life. We spoke with Jean Gallagher from Sonus Hearing Care Professionals to find out how they can help. They have 11 locations in West Michigan and offer FREE hearing tests. They repair and program hearing aids, clean ears and dispense hearing aids. Untreated hearing loss can potentially have serious

First Person Account of New Hearing Aids

This article from GoSanAngelo.com is a quite humorous first person account of getting new hearing aids. The article highlights some common concerns that people tend to have. The author talks about his concern with the price of hearing aids and having to work with new technology. As often happens with the purchase of new hearing aids, many of the author’s concerns were either unfounded or much less severe than anticipated. Part of his cost ended up being picked up by