What are the best hearing aids I can get? That question is asked to us a lot. Simply put, there is not a best pair of hearing aids. What hearing aids are best for you depends on your unique lifestyle and what kind of hearing loss you have.

GN ReSoundFor example, if someone simply needs amplification then lower technology hearing aids might work just fine. But hearing loss typically occurs at specific frequencies. Most of the time a person with hearing loss will struggle more with clarity than they will with hearing general sound. Some words will make sense but other words will not. This is like trying to put together a puzzle with missing pieces. In this instance a higher end solution, a device with more channels capable of dealing with different frequencies, would be the best.

Hearing aids are highly customization devices that require a trained professional to work optimally. An individual might even have the best hearing aids but if they aren’t programmed correctly for their hearing loss it will result in a poor experience. The best hearing aids are actually a combination of the correct device along with a highly skilled hearing care professional.

Generic hearing aids bought off the Internet are nothing more than devices you put in your ears. These devices often take poor hearing and turn it into much louder poor hearing. To get with a trained hearing care professional please contact Sonus Hearing Care Professionals to receive a free, no obligation, hearing test and consultation. We have offices in many West Michigan cities including: Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Grand Haven, Kalamazoo, Rockford, and Muskegon. We also have offices in smaller towns like Allendale and Fremont. No matter where you are it’s likely that there is a Sonus Hearing Care Professional near by to help with your hearing loss.