You may come across a new term in 2018, if you haven’t heard it already. The term is “hearable”. A hearable is an in-ear device that can perform a range of tasks. Where traditional hearing aids mostly help you to hear better, hearables are currently being used to do other things. This can include streaming music, translating language, giving you directions, reading your emails, etc. Although they both belong in your ear, their utility is quite different at this point.

Many predict that hearing aids will eventually perform some functions of hearables and vice versa. Hearing aids will not only be assistive medical devices but part of one’s technology repertoire. Therefore the line between assistive device and just a device will become blurred. Some people put off getting hearing aids because of a perceived stigma associated with them. This perceived stigma will certainly fade away with the rise of the hearable.

Hearing aids are still by far the best choice for improved hearing. Advanced hearing aid technology allows people to hear clearly all day long in a comfortable and discrete way. Hearables are still a long way off from offering a hearing aid’s level of performance. To see today’s latest hearing technology schedule a free appointment at any one of our 10 West Michigan locations!

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