Life happens just once. We get one shot at experiencing all that life has to offer. One high school graduation, one wedding day, one child’s first Christmas, one last day of work, one grandchild’s first birthday. All of these moments happen once and only once. Sound contributes heavily to all that we experience and how we remember these experiences. Hearing loss can keep us from experiencing these moments to their fullest.

Memories rely on our senses. When we think back on our fondest memories we can imagine something like the sun reflecting off the water, the sound of waves crashing onto the beach, and the smell of French fries from a food cart for example. Take one of these sensory aspects away and it detracts from the overall experience. Don’t experience the most important times of your life with sub-standard hearing.

Perhaps our most precious moments are those we experience with others. Communication is the bond that ties us together. Unfortunately, important conversations are often misheard or take place at uncomfortable volumes. This diminishes the experience for all of those involved. The fact that this happens is both unfortunate and unnecessary.

The great news is help for hearing loss is readily available to those who seek it. Most hearing care providers offer hearing screenings at no cost! A hearing screening usually involves testing a variety of factors related to hearing. An audiogram is given to the patient at the end of the process. The audiogram will show what frequencies the patient has trouble with and can be used to program a digital hearing aid. Sonus offers free hearing screenings at all 10 West Michigan locations. Contact us today to schedule your free, no obligation. hearing screening!

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