Many times the main component of better hearing is overlooked. It’s not the hearing test, the hearing aids, or the hearing aid settings. The most important part is the hearing care provider! The provider plays the most critical role for many, many reasons.

First and foremost a provider can help identify where the hearing problems are rooted. Sometimes wax blockage is the culprit, an issue that’s almost always easy to fix! Other times hearing care providers can identify infections, fluid or other abnormalities. At that point they can refer a patient to appropriate medical care. The root of the problem must be properly identified before an ideal treatment plan can be put together. People can sometimes identify that they are having trouble hearing, but not always. Knowing that you aren’t hearing well is only the tip of the iceberg. It takes a medical professional to accurately identify hearing loss, it’s cause and the right solution.

A hearing screening is the next key component to better hearing. What technologies can help a patient has a lot to do with information gathered from a properly executed hearing screening. In addition to performing the screening, a provider has to identify the needs and desires of the patient based on factors like their lifestyle and budget. A vast knowledge of available products helps a provider narrow down what devices can be of greatest benefit to the patient. A novice is unlikely to know what products are best for certain circumstances. This is mostly due to a lack of knowledge on what products exist and what they are capable of; not to mention a lack of direct knowledge on how certain products have helped others. Hearing device capability, features, size and type are just a few of the variables that providers consider.

Possibly the most important job of a hearing health care provider is counseling the patient on how to use their new devices. What might initially sound “wrong” to a patient might in fact be the best path to better hearing. People who have had hearing loss for a long time need to re-adjust their ears and brain to their new devices. This adjustment period can take weeks or months. Imagine how loud or weird things could sound before a your body can adapt to your new hearing configuration. A hearing care provider has the perspective and experience to properly guide a patient though this process.

If you are ever in a position where you need help with your hearing, make sure to consider the most important factor – an experienced hearing care professional! Stop by Sonus today to schedule a free hearing screening and consultation with one of our very capable providers!

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