Modern life is experienced in a sea of noise. From automobile traffic to lawnmowers to vacuum cleaners, some sort of noise will always find you. What does all this mean? More hearing loss.

Millennials’ affinity for earbuds is equivalent to their parent’s love of rock concerts. Loud music is an obvious contributor to hearing loss. Less obvious culprits are snow blowers, lawn mowers, fireworks, chainsaws, and motorcycles. Noise can be so prevalent sometimes that we may not even know we are being exposed.

The best defense for hearing loss is a good offense. First you can avoid extended exposure to loud noise all together. If you don’t need to be near loud noise then just stay away. If you are going to listen to music, do it at an appropriate volume. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you can hear people standing an arm’s length from you. Also make sure that people at an arm’s length cannot hear the music playing in your earbuds or headphones. In a lot of cases though, you may need to be more assertive.

When heading to the racetrack, make sure to grab your ear plugs on the way. If you are going to play in a band, consider investing in some musician’s plugs. If you are mowing your lawn, throw in some ear plugs. It’s not like you are going to miss hearing the lawnmower right? And shooting guns with ear protection is just a no-brainer.

Sonus can make you your own custom ear molds. These will allow you to get hearing protection exactly suited for your ears. To schedule an appointment for custom ear molds contact your local Sonus office today. Like the old adage says – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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